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{fanfic} Behind the Angsty Yunho and Smiley Changmin

✎ Behind the Angsty Yunho and Smiley Changmin
✎ Drabble-ish
✎ YunJae/MinFood
✎ G - Humor
✎ Changmin looked exceptionally happy in the airport today. And that‘s a big news, because he’s the Lord Voldemin, the king of evil. More of a big news? The bouncy smiling leader Jung Yunho looked nothing less than pissed off. Something must have happened.
✎ 292 wc

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hi guys ;D
i'll be on semi-hiatus for about a month.. i'll be busy spending time w/ my loved ones during these times as i'm going back home! yay. soooo.. i won't be able to post as often (not going to make much difference though?) and whoever waiting for the last chapter of The Parents' Meeting.. just wait ne XD I'll be posting it as soon as i can go online. :3
see you guys soon, <3

The Parents' Meeting ; Two

✎    The Parents’ Meeting
✎    2/?
✎    YunJae
✎    PG-13; Romance
✎    They say, it was a weird feeling when a divorced couple – or soon to be divorced - meets again for their children’s parents meeting.
✎    Part Two; 1,545 wc

I know it's supposed to be a two-shots and stuff, but *sadly* I can't seem to compress the story to two parts (and my brain can't cope with writing a long story in a short time OTL) so it's gonna be a mini series. Also, I'd like to apologise for the delay. I hope you enjoy the story nonetheless.

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